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Moses McElroy 1820-1922 ---------- George Washington McElroy 1869-1956

Born in Campbell County, Kentucky near the banks of the Ohio River in 1820, Moses McElroy is a true American Hero. He volunteered for service to his country in 2 wars. First the Mexican-American War in 1846-1848, a war in which his brother, Thomas McElroy ,was killed in battle. At that time he was still a resident of Kentucky.

Secondly, after emmigrating to the frontier state of Missouri, Moses was one of the first to volunteer into service of his country during the Civil War. This is evidenced not only by his own words in his plea for pension document, but also by the fact his regiment was the 1st Missouri Volunteer Cavalry, evidenced in his war records in the National Archives and Records Administration.

He fathered 16 children. One by his first wife who died and 15 by his second wife, Carolyn Ellis. Moses lived to the ripe old age of 102 years and 8 months.

The picture above was taken around 1920. From this view, his son, George Washington McElroy is seated next his father. Not pictured is Ellis Frederick McElroy who would have been 22 years of age.


Keeping the McElroy Name Alive.. .

Moses McELroy b. 1820;

Geroge Washington McElroy b. 1869;

Ellis Frederick McElroy b. 1898;

Archie L. McElroy b. 1935;

Archie L. McElroy, Jr.b. 1957;

Mason C. McElroy b 1987, T. Ellis. McElroy b. 1996, Curtis L. McElroy b. 1997

William Aurther McElroy b. 1966 ; Dylan T. McELroy b. 1991.

George Ellis McElroy b. 1967.


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