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Moses' Civil War Records.......... 1st REGIMENT COMPANY "H" MO STATE MILITIA CAVALRY (MSM)

Organized in Missouri at large February 3 to April 9, 1862. Companies "A" and "B" in Davies County, Company "C" in Sullivan County, "D" in Putnam County, "E" in Gentry County, "F" in Linn County, "H" in DeKalb County, "I" in Harrison County and "K" in Lundy County. Company "L" organized In Andrew and Buchanan Counties and attached May, 1863. Company "M" organized in Worth and Gentry Counties and attached July, 1863. Regiment attached to District of Central Missouri, Dept. of Missouri, to July, 1863. District 6f the Border, Dept. of Missouri, to January, 1864. District of Central Missouri, Dept. of Missouri, to July, 1865. Headquarters at Lexington till March, 1863. (4 Cos. at Sedalia, Mo., November, 1862, to April, 1863.) At Independence till April, 1863. At Harrisonville till May, 1863. At Warrensburg till June, 1863. At Lexington till October, 1863. At Warrensburg till July, 1865, operating against Cash'., Davis', Kirk's, Merrick's, Marchbank's, Ballou's, Porter's, Poindexter's, Quantrell's and Cockrell's guerrillas.

SERVICE.--Expedition to Spring Hill May 24,1862 (Co.. "G" and "K"). Sear's House and Big Creek Bluffs, near Pleasant Hill, July 11 (Co., "A," "C" and "D"). Clark's Mills July 30 (2 Co.). Grand River August 1 (Battalion). Operations on Missouri River August - (Detachment). Near Cravensville August 5. Kirksville August 5-6. Panther Creek and Walnut Creek August 8. Near Stockton August 8 (Detachment). Sear's Ford, Chariton River, August 9 (Detachment). Expedition from Camp Gamble against guerrillas August 12-18. Putnam September 1. Strother's Fork of Black River September 13. Syracuse October 14, Expedition from Independence to Greenton, Chapel Hill and Hopewell October 24-26 (Co.. "E" and "H"). Operations in Jackson and Lafayette Counties October 26-29 (Detachment). Blue Springs, near Independence, March 22. Sedalia April 9. 1863. Hog Island May 18 (Detachment). Near Wellington June 17. Near Papinsville June 23 (Detachment). Saline County July 30. Near Lexington July 30 (Cos. "C," "I" and "K"). Stumptown August 2 (Cos. "F," "G" and "H"). Scout from Lexington to Hopewell August 6-9 (Detachment). Dayton August 10 (Detachment). Near Wellington August 14 (Detachment). Operations against Quantrell's Raid into Kansas August 20-28. Big Creek, near Pleasant Hill, August 22. Scouts in Lafayette County and skirmishes September 22-25 (Cos. "B," "H." "L" and "M"). Operations against Shelby September 22-October 26. Booneville October 11-12. Jonesborough October 12. Merrill's Crossing and Dug Ford, near Jonesborough, October 12. Marshall, Arrow Rock, Blackwater, October 13. Syracuse October 14. Greenton Valley, near Hopewell, October 21 (Detachment of Co. "B"). Near Lexington November 4 (Detachment). Scouts in Jackson County January 15-17, 1864 (Detachment). Lexington February 22. Operations about Warrensburg February 22-24 (Detachment). Scout from Lexington March 19-22. Scouts in Jackson and Lafayette Counties and skirmishes March 20-30 (Detachments). Deep Water Township March 27. Near Greenton March 30 (Co. "F"). Offett's Knob April 28. Skirmishes in Johnson County April 28-30 (Cos. "D" and "M"). Scout from Warrensburg May 23-25. Near Shanghai May 27 (Detachment). Scout from Warrensburg to North Blackwater River June 5-9 (Co. "I"). Near Kingsville June 12 (Detachment). Lexington June 14 (Cos. "F" and "I"). Lafayette County June 14 (Detachment). Attack on Arrow Rock July 20. Operations in Lafayette and Johnson Counties and skirmishes July 20-31 (Co. "E"). Scout in Saline County August 6-9 (Detachment). Arrow Rock August 7 (Detachment). Saline County August 13 (Co. "H"). Operations in Lafayette, Saline and Howard Counties August 13-22. Near Lexington August 19 (Co. "A"). Dover August 20. Davis Creek August 22. The Tabo August 22. Operations on Texas Prairie, Jackson County, August 25-30. Near Warrensburg September 9 (Detachment). Near Lexington September 18 (Detachment). Near Longwood September 22 (Detachment). Blackwater September 23 (1st Battalion). Prince's Shoals, Osage River, Cole County, October 5-6. Moreau Bottom, Jefferson City, October 7. Near Jefferson City October 8. California October 9. Booneville October 9-12. Sedalia October 15. Little Blue October 21. Independence, Big Blue and State Line October 22. Westport October 23. Mine Creek, Little Osage River, Marias des Cygnes, October 25. Engagement at the Mariniton or Battle of CharIot October 25. Escort prisoners from Fort Scott to Warrensburg, Mo., October 26-November 1. Near Fort Scott October 28. At Warrensburg and Pleasant Hill, Cass County, operating against guerrillas in Central District of Missouri till July, 1865. Scout from Warrensburg to Greenton Valley November 29-December 3,1864 (Detachment). Near Lexington January 11,1865. Scout from Camp Grover to Texas Prairie January 12-15. Scout from Warrensburg to Snibar Hills January 18-22 (Detachment). Scout from Warrensburg to Wagon Knob, etc., February 1-5 (Detachment). Old members mustered out February and March, 1865. Recruits consolidated to a Battalion of 2 Companies. Near Lone Jack March 12 (Detachment). Scout from Lexington March 20-22 (Detachment). Near Pleasant Hill May 3 (Detachment). Mustered out July 12, 1865.

Regiment lost during service 2 Officers and 71 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 2 Officers and 67 Enlisted men by disease. Total 142.
Source of Data: "A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion, V.III" by Frederick H. Dyer, c1908, p.1302
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